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David Scott Harris, Writer / Director / Producer

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, David Scott Harris began making films at the age of 11 when a family friend gave him a home movie camera - and he's been making movies ever since. He started his own production company, Leo Productions, and produced 10 short films, the longest running 45 minutes. "Filmmaking was really a uniting force because my family would do almost anything to help me make a movie," states Harris. Magic Power Scouts was one of the first scripts Harris wrote as a child (The original title was "Witch Power"). "I never got to make the film as a kid so it's been a dream come true for me to be able to make it as an adult."

After attending private high school, Harris directed and co-produced a music video for Madonna's "Make My Video Contest" for her single True Blue. It aired on MTV, being selected as one of the top 25 submissions from all across the country. Harris became discontent with the lack of film education available at that time in Miami, so he moved to San Francisco to study film at San Francisco City College and San Francisco State University. During the course of his studies he made several short films and began to develop his craft as a screenwriter. He completed post production on a half hour thriller he began in Miami called The Parallax, which eventually aired as part of a cable program called Trauma TV. While in San Francisco, he also traveled to Washington, DC as part of the film We Bring a Quilt , a documentary that changed his life and motivated him to further pursue his dreams as a filmmaker. "I saw the result of so may lives that were cut short because of the subject matter - It made me realize time is precious."

In 1990 he relocated to Los Angeles to complete his education at UCLA, graduating with a certificate in Film Studies. In 1995 he started Blue Giraffe Productions with partner Steven Durflinger to focus on making quality films for the family market. He has been instrumental in developing Blue Giraffe's website: bluegiraffe.com, and is currently working on several projects in various stages of development. A short film, CROSSING, was made as he continued to dilligently write more scripts. His project that most recently excites him is THE HOUSE OF BLACKBEARD, a haunted house attraction that he has designed. I started the project when my partner and I were getting ready to have our son, Adam. Last year it was open for Halloween and we also had a party. This year the party kicks off the opening.

He is most proud of being daddy to Adam James Harris-Durflinger.

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